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Check out some of our partnerships, freelance articles, and interviews with Kevin Wagar and the rest of the Wandering Wagars family.

Wandering Wagars on Twillingate Iceberg Tours in Newfoundland

We love to share our family travel expertise with other incredible travel bloggers and with our business partners. If you would like to interview family travel expert Kevin Wagar for your website or brand, we would love for you to contact us!

BookitList | Why Flam, Norway Should Be On Your Travel Bucketlist

November, 2021

Nestled at the very tip of Aurlandsfjord, one of the arms of the massive Sognefjord, in western Norway, the remote town of Flam has become one of the most visited destinations in the country.

Mississauga Tourism | It’s Nice To Know Your Neighbour

September, 2021

Living in the GTA, I’ve always considered Mississauga to be “That city next door.” It’s a city that’s been thrown around as an afterthought, but not a place that we’ve ever thought to explore.

Windsorite | A Family Outdoor Adventure In Windsor Essex

September, 2021

Since the birth of my kids, my family has made regular visits down to Ontario’s Southwest to explore the region’s wonders. Each time we visit, we’re introduced to new cities, towns, and attractions.

Ontario By Bike | Seeing The Sites of the St. Lawrence By Bike

July, 2021

The St. Lawrence River boasts some of the richest history, culture, and scenery in all of Ontario. As someone who has been an avid road-tripper for his entire life, I was used to seeing this spectacular scenery through the windshield of my truck. But it took a three-day ride with Ontario by Bike for me to gain a deeper appreciation of the beauty of eastern Ontario.

Northern Ontario Travel | Family-Friendly Summer Adventures In Sudbury

July, 2021

It’s easy to fall in love with Sudbury. In fact, for some families, it just takes a few days.

The food, attractions, and natural beauty of the city make it a wonderland for those looking to combine culture, education, and adventure – my top three ingredients for the perfect family vacation.

Northern Ontario Travel | Go North: 3 Amazing Places To Visit In Northern Ontario This Summer

June, 2021

Lighthouses, waterfalls, epic hikes, and the world’s biggest nickel await on these easy road trips from Brampton to Ontario’s north. Plan your summer vacation today!

Fact Up Podcast with Jim Bamboulis| Kevin Wagar @ The Wandering Wagar‪s‬

April, 2021

Discussing travel, fatherhood, and navigating the pandemic as a travel professional.  

Fear of Water: Overcoming Travel Anxiety | Canadian Traveller Magazine

January, 2021

After his anxiety nearly forced him to stop travelling, Kevin Wagar confronts similar fears reflected in his youngest son.

Surviving Airline Mishaps & Bad Weather Delays With 2 Small Children | Travel Horror Stories Podcast:

November, 2020

What would you do if… Your typical flight from Toronto to Jordan suddenly turned into a three-day marathon of stress and fatigue due to the airline’s mismanaged flights and bad weather. Oh and don’t forget to add two young children to the mix

Escape Through Time With These Local Experiences In Ontario | Destination Indigenous

August 2020

Ontario. It’s big. It’s beautiful. And sometimes it’s hard to find a moment to yourself. I’ve lived in Ontario all my life, Southern Ontario specifically, and here life can be hectic at times. You might think that a worldwide pandemic would change this. And it did. In a lot of ways, life was simpler. But, after months of isolation, my whole family yearned to explore. So, carefully and safely, we gave ourselves a chance to learn, discover, and fall in love with the history of this province all-over-again.

Frontiers North Blog – Wandering Wagars Churchill Family Adventure

June 2020

Did you know Churchill is a fantastic family destination? For all you adventure-loving parents, follow Kevin Wagar and his family on their summer adventure in Churchill.

Family Travel Association | Family Travel Radio Podcast – From Wandering The World To Wondering What’s Next

March 2020

Kevin is an adventure and family travel writer based in Toronto, Ontario. He’s spent the past 5 years sharing stories of his families travels around the world. Kevin has taken a unique approach to family travel. Instead of focusing on the traditional “vacation” he uses family travel to teach his kids about culture, history, and themselves. Along the way Kevin shares his stories, guides, and photos on his website

Little City Trips – Christmas Season Travel With Kids – Interview with Family Travel Expert Kevin Wagar

October 2019

Explore Magazine – The Top Family-Friendly Adventures In Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

October 2019

Most parents looking for incredible family adventure destinations in Canada immediately gravitate to the west coast. Areas like Banff, Whistler and Canmore hog the spotlight for the kind of soft-adventure experiences that many outdoor-loving families crave. But there is a region in Quebec that seems almost built for outdoor adventure.

Vacation Mavens – Visiting Santa And His Reindeer In Finnish Lapland – An Interview With Family Travel Writer Kevin Wagar

October 2019

Now that it is fall, we are turning our attention toward winter getaways. If you have ever dreamed of visiting Santa Claus, taking a reindeer safari, and sleeping under the Northern Lights, tune in to hear about Finnish Lapland. Kevin Wagar from the Wandering Wagars shares his family’s experience in Finland during the winter and all the things there are to do in Santa’s wonderland.

Explore Magazine – Polar Bears, Beluga Whales and Northern Lights: Explore Churchill, Manitoba with the Whole Family

August 2019

Experiencing the wild of Churchill, Manitoba is a right of passage for many adventurers. The popularity of this tiny northern Manitoba town has grown, thanks to better access and services for the influx of travellers. Families are the latest group to chase the magic of the north—and with good reason.

Ontario Parks Blog – Step back in time at the Silver Queen Mine open house

August 2019

A great attraction can transport you into another world. But the staff at Murphys Point Provincial Park took things in a different direction and ended up taking us back in time

Big Daddy Kreative – 11 Questions With Kevin Wagar

June 2019

Chatting about fatherhood, travel, and balancing life, career, and kids.

Intrepid Travel – How A Fork In The Road Taught Me To Let Go And Show The World To My Kids

December 2018

I was deep in the Arizona desert. I was lost. On the highway before me were options to turn left onto Route 66 and right Route 66. Since I was already on Route 66, it felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.

Experience Kissimmee – How To Relax On Vacation

September 2018

Exploring one of Kissimmee Florida’s most popular accommodation options, the Resort Home.

Rate Supermarket – #RSS MoneyWoes: Finances and Travel

June 2018

Simply put, travelling the world defines my life. My passion for travel began when I met my now wife, and it soon grew into a passion for experiencing new and wonderful cultures, destinations, and activities.

Social Dad – Interview with Family Travel Expert Kevin Wagar of the Wandering Wagars

April 2018

A talk about fatherhood, social media, and instilling a love of travel in children.

Visit Tampa Bay – Discover Why Tampa Bay Florida is the Perfect Destination for a Family Getaway

April 2018

In Partnership with Visit Tampa Bay

Our Tribe Travels – How To Make the Most of Vacation Time for Family Travel. Interview with Kevin Wagar from the Wandering Wagars

December 2017

Expedia – 10 Experts Recommend Their Epic Canadian Adventures

July 2017

There are adventurers and then there are these daredevils we’re about to present to you. Bold travellers who have clawed up mountains, trekked across glaciers, and voyaged to some of the most remote places on earth. We interviewed them for their picks of the most extreme experiences in Canada. Think you can follow in their footsteps?

Daddy Blogger Ricky Shetty – Interview with Family Travel Adventurer Kevin Wagar of the Wandering Wagars

June 2017

Lonely Planet Kids – Top Family Travel Posts from May 2017

May 2017

In May our family travel Pathfinders focussed on ideas for getting families exploring outdoors in destinations as diverse as Peru, Copenhagen, Iceland and Ireland. – TravelShare March Break Getaways Edition

March 2017

Video – Discussing March break family travel destinations with Kanetix

Yellowknife Online – 12 Winter Activities to do in Yellowknife with Kids

February 2017

Yellowknifers are no strangers to winter activities. It is a part of life. It has to be. We live in a place that boasts 8 glorious months of winter. With the influx of tourism over the past few years, we are seeing more and more visitor to our frozen wonderland. And with that many families.

January 2017 – TravelShare Winter Getaways Edition

Video – Discussing Winter Destinations For Family Travel with Kanetix

Travel Mamas – Best Travel Books for Children According to Travel Experts and Their Kids

December 2016

Travel books for children inspire curiosity about the world. Kids of all ages can expand their horizons and increase tolerance for other types of people through literary travel.

Nomadic Matt – The Inspiring Blogger Series: Wandering Wagars

December 2016

Our Inspiring Blogger Series continues this week with Kevin and Christina from Wandering Wagars. They write about family adventure travel, demonstrating that it certainly IS possible to travel with children!

Just Go Places – 10 Family Getaways Recommended by Kids (Outside of North America)

December 2016

Are you looking for a more adventurous family trip with your children? In this first part of this series, we looked at family-friendly hotels in North America that were chosen by the children of 15 family travel bloggers.

Rudderless – Just Wandering with the Wandering Wagars

December 2016

While in St.John’s International Airport, my brother and I were informed of a mechanical delay which was to keep us grounded for a few hours.

Holiday Lettings from TripAdvisor – The Top 20 Family Travel Bloggers of 2016

November 2016

Travel opens our eyes to a world of new experiences and gives us a different perspective on life. What better way to teach your children about the world than to let them see it first hand? A child’s curiosity is the perfect fit for travel and you’ll probably end up being guided by them!

Travel Babbo – Best Instagram Accounts for Family Travel Inspiration

October 2016

In the spirit of giving back, here are 25 Instagram accounts that inspire me. Some are the accounts of people I’ve met while traveling. Some I’ve stumbled across. Some I’ve found because people engaged with me on my photos. And some got my attention by using my #takeyourkidseverywhere hashtag

CBC – How NOT to hike in Gros Morne: Ontario family shares midnight tale of woe

July 2016

A family of experienced hikers recently took on the Green Gardens trek in Gros Morne National Park — and they have a few regrets.

Ze Wandering Frogs – 7 Must-Dive Recommendations Around the World

July 2016

So many dive sites to discover around the world, the choice is endless! With thousands of destinations and sites, I asked fellow diver bloggers to share their top diving spots. Hopefully, these first-hand experiences will provide with unheard spots and useful tips to plan your next diving trip. Check their dive recommendations – Maybe these will be your next diving destination!

Travel Mamas – Tips for Cancun with Babies and Toddlers from Family Travel Experts

July 2016

Seeking a destination where the water is warm and clear, the tropical drinks are cold, and the kids clubs are plentiful? Family travel experts know that Cancun is the place to go. Before you jet off to this slice of tropical heaven, read these tips for visiting Cancun with babies and toddlers.

Multi-Cultural Kids Blog – 18 Awesome Dads to Follow on Instagram

June 2016

We celebrate awesome men who take their children around the world; men who show the world to their sons and daughters from the comfort of their own home; men who care for their children full-time, part-time, anytime.

DIY Daddy – Brilliant Dad Feature- Kevin Wagar of the Wandering Wagars

June 2016

This week our Brilliant Dad Feature is Kevin. He is a creative designer and family adventure blogger living in the Greater Toronto Area. His beautiful wife Christina impressed on him her love of travel and they have made exploring the world an integral part of their life.

Babies Who Travel – The 50 Best Family Travel Blogs

May 2016

The 50 Best Family Travel Blogs to follow for your next travel inspiration

The Casual Travelist – The Faces of Gen X Travel

May 2016

To look at today’s travel media you’d think the the only people hitting the road are fresh-faced Millennials and Baby Boomers with newly emptied nests; what about Generation X? Instagram is filled with images of ingenues frolicking on the beach or looking wistfully at the horizon while magazines and tour companies target well-heeled Boomers making the most of retirement. In a recent issue extolling the virtues of solo travel Afar (one of my favorite travel magazines) mentioned Millennials, Boomers and even Matures by name with no word of Gen X at all.

Learning Escapes – Little Travel Notes – Best of Family Travel: Interview with The Wandering Wagars

January 2016

Today it’s an exciting day for my blog as it marks the start of a series of interviews with some of my favourite family travel bloggers.

Kid Friendly Europe 101 – Family Bloggers to Watch in 2016

January 2016

I have seen so many lists for the Top so and so and such and such bloggers to watch in 2016.   And I thought, Why not do a post about family travel bloggers to watch? Of course, you should watch Kid Friendly Europe 101, but you should DEFINITELY watch the bloggers below!

2 Travel Dads – A Family Guide to Winterlude:  the ultimate Winterfest in Canada’s Capital

November 2015

We’re pretty excited to have a really great contribution to our site from the Wandering Wagars.  Living in Canada, they get to more easily experience life in the cold north than we do.  They were kind enough to share their favorite winter activity with us and created a family guide to Winterlude: the ultimate Winterfest in Canada’s Capital.